6.5 Standard (RKF-065-0)


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6.5 Suitable for trailers from 10x8FT (3.5×2.5Mtr) to 22x9FT (7x3Mtr)

All of our RockFit trailed Lighting Systems come with our unique, molded seven-pin plug, secured with  high grade, Steel Wire Armour cabling, as standard.

Enclosed in a stainless steel housing, it is then over-moulded with a TPV (plastic material). This seals it watertight, and adds incredible strength and durability.

The system is fully sealed, wired, and ready for use.

RockFit lights are strong, fully watertight and submersible, and can withstand extreme loads.

They are ideal for any trailer type!

Items included:

  • Installation instructions
  • Cable ties
  • 2x rear LED lamps
  • 2x Side Marker lamps
  • 2x Number Plate lamps
  • Completely sealed and pre wired junction box
  • Virtually unbreakable over-moulded plug
  • Steel wire armour cable throughout
  • 12V Connection Point included as standard



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